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The non-woven bag making machine primarily uses polypropylene as a raw material, processing a variety of different specifications and different types of non-woven bags. It is touch screen controlled with progressive type fixed length, photoelectric tracking, for accurate and smooth operation. It is your preferred high-quality environmental protection bag making equipment.

In 2010, Yapi Kredi Finansal Kiralama A O, a Turkish company opened a factory and purchased our machinery.

In 2011, we cooperated with an Indian company Global Living Style for 3 sets of non-woven bag complete processing equipment. It is reported that our equipment is working as advertised.

From 2012 to present, we established a business relationship with Indian company Fair Deal Engineers. As our agent, they expanded our Indian market presence and achieved orders of 20 sets per year. They help us sell multi-function non-woven bag making machines, handle making machines, ultrasonic facing machines and many other products with great success.

In 2013, we cooperated with a company from Iraq called Baraq Trading Co., Ltd-Mr Badran Sami Ayoub for non-woven fabric sheet cutting machine. They produce aviation supplies.

In 2014, DSP/Serimoda bought a complete fully automatic non-woven bag maing machines from us. In 2015 they purchased an additional unit.

In 2015, Pakistani company Creative Associates purchased a plastic zipper bag making machine and T-shirt bag making machine from us.

In 2016, Laminar Private Limited Company purchased a non-woven bag making machine and handle making machine.

There are many more clients that we don’t have the space to list here but our customers choose our machines because of their low breakdown rate. We have earned the trust of our clients by supplying them with the best quality machines and service to maximize their efficiency and production output.

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