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Paper Rewinding Machine, XD-FJ1000

Paper Rewinding Machine/ Paper Rewinder/ Slitter Rewinder

Main Introductions
This machine is suitable for rewinding functions and cutting of non-woven fabric and paper materials with high precision fixed-length and tracking volume classification crosscutting functionality. This is essential equipment in the production of gift wrapping paper and other rolled paper or aluminum foil products.

1. Master: Use the MIC motion controller, touch screen, AC servo fixed-length traction.
2. Put volume: Rolling rack, air lift with magnetic powder automatic electric power system.
3. Winding: Continuous gas rose axis, computer control of pneumatic and open.
4. Cut off: Rod-less cylinder type automatic cut back and forth.
5. Characteristics: It adopts computer closed loop control technology and a servo fixed-length puller, so it has more accurate measurement and high automation performance.

Main Technical Parameters
Model XD-FJJ600 XD-FJJ1000 XD-FJJ1200
Precision ±0.1% ±0.1% ±0.1%
Width of Roll 500mm 900mm 1100mm
Diameter of Roll Φ600mm Φ1020mm Φ1020mm
Rewind Diameter Φ150mm Φ500mm Φ500mm
Speed 100m/min 110m/min 110m/min
Cutting Form Import rodless cylinder automatically cut out
Scope Above 0.04mm No No
Rolling Rack Conjoined Conjoined Conjoined
Overall Dimension 2300*1400*1300mm 2300*1800*1500mm 2300*2000*1500
Voltage AC220V 50Hz AC220V 50Hz AC380V 50Hz
Total Power 5kw 5kw 5kw
Total Weight 1.0t 1.5t 2.0t
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