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Rotary Die-head Blown Film Machine, SJ-55FM800

Rotary Extruder/ Blown Film Extruder/ Plastic Extruder

The cylinders and the screw stems of the rotary die-head blown film machine are made of high-quality alloy steel with optimum hardness and strong corrosion resistance after a precision finishing and nitrogen treatment.
The extruder can be lifted up to 3 meters according to technical requirements. The extruder uses a bottom blowing process and the coiling unit adopts a torque motor to maintain proper tension.

Main Technical Parameters
Model SJ-55/FM600 SJ-60FM800 SJ-65FM1000
Screw Diameter 55mm 60mm 65mm
Screw Ratio L/D28:1 L/D28:1 L/D28:1
Screw Speed 10-100r/min 10-100r/min 10-100r/min
Power of Main Motor 11kw 14kw 18kw
Rotational Mode of Die-head constantly revolve constantly revolve constantly revolve
Main Output 30-60kg/h 40-80kg/h 50-100kg/h
Max. Folding Width of Film 600mm 800mm 1000mm
Thickness of Single Film 0.01-0.10mm 0.01-0.10mm 0.01-0.10mm
Total Power 22kw 28kw 36kw
Weight of Machine 2300kg 2800kg 3500kg
Overall Dimensions 4800x2000x4000mm 4800x2200x4000mm 5000x2400x4000mm
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