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Plastic Bag Making Machine

Plastic Bag Line/ Bag Maker/ Plastic Bag Machine

1) The micro-computer control system is the perfect combination of electro mechanical technology and ultrasonic sealing technology.
2) Stepping motor (servo motor control system can be selected and equipped)
3) Arbitrary fixed length
4) Accurate and stable photocell tracking
5) Stops automatically if the label is lost
6) Automatic punching, automatic counting and counting alarm
7) Heat-sealing for decorative borders
8) Automatic constant temperature, perfect and smooth sealing, with EPC control

    1. Heat Sealing and Cool Cutting Plastic Bag Making Machine, XD-FQ600 This heat sealing plastic bag making machine is designed for the production of vest bags, flat bags, packing bags, etc. The machine uses a computer control system where you can preset your requirements and let the equipment operate at maximum efficiency, reducing waste and saving you money. The material is fed automatically and will shut down immediately when the roller is out of material.
    1. Double Channel Bottom Seal Plastic Die-Cut Bag Making Machine, XD-F450 The bottom seal plastic die-cut bag making machine is a high quality piece of equipment that is designed for sealing and cutting high-density polyethylene (HDPE), low-density polyethylene (LDPE) and polypropylene (PP) plastic film for the production of bags. The bag maker is used in lines to manufacture D-cut bags and flat bags.
    1. PE/PP Film Zipper Bag Making Machine, XD-Z800A This machine was independently developed and manufactured by our company. The worktable of the equipment is multifunctional and it is utilized to produce zippered bags of various sizes. The high performance and high quality bag maker is guaranteed to keep your production line running efficiently.
    1. Air Bubble Bag Making Machine, XD-BF800 This air bubble bag making machine is suitable for the production of protective packaging products. The machine is used for laminating pearl cotton and compound bubble film bags. These products are important for packaging electronics components such as TVs, computers, and toys in order to protect them during shipping and storage.

Production Process
1. Reel fabric feeding
2. EPC control (edge position control)
3. Center folding parts
4. Heat sealing for the bottom
5. Zipper attached and sealed
6. Automatic punching
7. Heat cutting/ Cold cutting
8. Send to sorting machine

Whole Production Process
  • PE particles
  • Film blowing machine
  • Finished film roller
  • Flexographic printing machine
  • Plastic bag making machine
  • Finished bag
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