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Air Bubble Bag Making Machine, XD-BF800

Air Bubble Package Machine/ Protective Packaging Machine/ Bubble Film Bag Maker

Main Introductions
This air bubble bag making machine is suitable for the production of protective packaging products. The machine is used for laminating pearl cotton and compound bubble film bags. These products are important for packaging electronics components such as TVs, computers, and toys in order to protect them during shipping and storage. The computer controlled system tracks the workpieces through the entire process and helps optimize your production operations.

Applicable for producing air bubble bags to protect electrical appliances, glass products, fragile products, etc. They provide shock insulation and water proofing if sealed properly.

Main Technical Parameters
Model XD-BF800
Max. Bag Width 750mm
Max. Bag Length 800mm
Speed 20-120pcs/min
Total Power 3.5kw
Overall Dimensions 2300*1400*1300mm
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