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Double Channel Perforated Plastic Bag Making Machine, XD-VB600

Perforated Bag Maker/ Plastic Bag Machine/ Plastic Bag Maker

Main Introductions
The perforated plastic bag making machine is ideal for processing LDPE, HDPE plastics to produce blank bags, colored bags, flat bags and many other types of soft plastic packing bag items.

The perforated plastic volume making machine has many outstanding functions, such as the photoelectric automatic tracking microcomputer with length setting, high limit stopping, automatic counting, and automatic alarm when the process is completed. The automation of the equipment is guaranteed to improve your production efficiency and output.

Main Technical Parameters
Model XD-VB500 XD-VB600 XD-VB700 XD-VB800
Max. Bag Making Width 250mm*2 300mm*2 350mm*2 400mm*2
Max. Bag Making Length 1200mm 1200mm 1200mm 1200mm
Thickness of Film 0.008-0.15mm 0.008-0.15mm 0.008-0.15mm 0.008-0.15mm
Production Speed 30-120pcs/min 30-120pcs/min 30-120pcs/min 30-120pcs/min
Total Power 4.0kw 4.5kw 5.0kw 5.5kw
Power Supply Voltage 380v/50Hz 380v/50Hz 380v/50Hz 380v/50Hz
Heating Voltage 110V 110V 110V 110V
Machine Weight 700kg 800kg 900kg 1000kg
Overall Dimensions 3600*1100*1700mm 3600*1200*1700mm 3600*1300*1700mm 3600*1400*1700mm
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