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Plastic Book Cover Sealing and Cutting Machine, XD-S700

Plastic Cover Machine/ Book Cover Machine/ Sealer Cutter

Main Introductions
This plastic book cover sealing and cutting machine is utilized to manufacture PE (polyethylene) book covers. The sealer/cutter is designed to reduce labor costs, improve efficiency and maximize product quality.

This machine adopts the principle of electromechanical control and ultrasonic sealing. It can produce book covers of various sizes and specifications. The microcomputer control and photoelectric tracking system work together to optimize automation, improving efficiency and product consistency.

Production Process
1. Reel plastic feeding
2. Double sided adhesive strips applied
3. Folding in half
4. Pad pasting
5. Roller pressure edge
6. Automatic punching
7. Cold cutting
8. Finish

Main Technical Parameters
Model XD-S700
Boards Amount 1-4 pcs
Max. Bag Making Width 10-700mm
Max. Bag Making Length 10-500mm
Material Thickness 0.5-3.0mm
Production Speed 10-30pcs/min
Total Power 8kw
Machine Weight 2.5t
Overall Dimensions 6500*1500*1800mm
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