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Heat Sealing and Cool Cutting Plastic Bag Making Machine, XD-FQ600

Plastic Bag Machine/ Sealer and Cutter/ Bag Maker

Main Introductions
This heat sealing plastic bag making machine is designed for the production of vest bags, flat bags, packing bags, etc. The machine uses a computer control system where you can preset your requirements and let the equipment operate at maximum efficiency, reducing waste and saving you money. The material is fed automatically and will shut down immediately when the roller is out of material.

1 This machine is designed to produce heat sealed and cold cut bags, such as flat-end bags and it can also make t-shirt bags.
2 The whole machine is controlled by servo motor, thus the material will be conveyed smoothly and quickly.
3 With Panasonic electric eyes, it has the advantage of great sensitivity to colors, recognizing shapes and colors accurately.

Flat bags, disposable medical packing bags (garment bags, shoe bags) sanitary towel bags

Main Technical Parameters
Model FQ-500 FQ-600 FQ-700 FQ-800
Max. Sealing Width 500mm 600mm 700mm 800mm
Max. Cutting Length 999mm 999mm 999mm 999mm
Bag Making Speed 40-140pcs/min 40-140pcs/min 40-140pcs/min 40-140pcs/min
Total Power 3.3kw 3.5kw 3.7kw 4.0kw
Machine Weight 800kg 900kg 1000kg 1100kg
Overall Dimensions 3300*940*1600mm 3300*1040*1600mm 3300*1140*1600mm 3300*1240*1600mm
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