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Semi Automatic Non-woven Bag Making Machine

Non-Woven Bag Maker/ Bag Production Line/ Semi-Auto Bag Maker

Main Configuration Details
1) Main motor with frequency conversion (made in Shanghai), w/adjustable speed
2) Micro-computer controlled stepping motor
3) Pneumatic shaft axis
4) EPC (edge position control) controls material running
5) Side-folding, heating with electrical temperature-controlled
6) PLC is made by Simens
7) Tachometer displays the working speed of the machine
8) Adjusted lever with air cylinder tension control
9) Ultrasonic made in Jiangsu, Japan Chip, YDN Brand
10) Photocell tracks the printing material

    1. Non-woven Box Type Bag Making Machine, WFB-B600 The semi-automatic non-woven box type bag making machine is designed according to market research of ordinary bag makers. We made a large number of improvements and our equipment is significantly more efficient and effective.
    1. Non-woven T-shirt Bag Making Machine, WFB-P600 This is our fully-automatic non-woven multi-function T-shirt bag making machine. The equipment can process PP non-woven fabric into t-shirt bags and other types with high efficiency and automatic punching on the line.
    1. Non-woven Fabric Sheet Cutting Machine, WFB-H1200 This machine is specially designed for cutting non-woven fabric, plastic and paper pieces for bag production operations. The machine is highly automated with computer control, ultrasonic sealing, high speed frequency conversion and automatic counting functions. This is vital equipment for roll material cutting.
    1. Non-woven Bedding Making Machine, WFB-X900 This non-woven bedding making machine uses a double roll fabric feeder that seals the two fabric sheets automatically. This equipment is widely used in the production of bedding bags, appliance packaging, luggage caps, seat covers and many other items.
    1. Non-woven Storage Box Making Machine, WFB-S800 The non-woven storage box making machine can form, cut and seal storage boxes made from fabric and reinforced with cardboard inserts. Compared to traditional sewing methods of production, this machine is much faster and cheaper to operate. The equipment uses ultrasonic welding technology to seal the seams of the box. The box maker is controlled by touch screen monitor, where all settings can be adjusted to produce all shapes and sizes.

Production Process
1. Loading non-woven fabric roller
2. Folding in half
3. Traction
4. Automatic punching
5. Automatic tracking print
6. Ultrasonic sealing
7. Cold cutting

1. Laminated non woven fabric. (PP non woven fabric laminated with BOPP film. Before lamination, use a rotogravure printing machine to print on the BOPP film)
2. PP non woven fabric with printing

Whole Production Line
  • Non-woven fabric production line
  • Non-woven bag making machine
  • Non-woven handle making machine
  • Finished bag
  • Finished bag
  • Finished bag
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