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Semi Automatic Non-woven Bedding Making Machine, WFB-X900

Bedding Machine/ Fabric Cover Production Line/ Fabric Bag Machine

Main Introductions
This non-woven bedding making machine uses a double roll fabric feeder that seals the two fabric sheets automatically. This equipment is widely used in the production of bedding bags, appliance packaging, luggage caps, seat covers and many other items.

1) Micro-computer control system, perfect combination of electro mechanical technology and ultrasonic sealing technology.
2) Stepping motor(servo motor control system can be selected and equipped)
3) Arbitrary fixed length
4) Accurate and stable photocell tracking
5) Stops automatically if the label is lost
6) Automatic punching, automatic counting and counting alarm
7) Heat-sealing decorative border
8) Automatic constant temperature, perfect and smooth sealing, with EPC control

1. Bedding use
2. Dust bag for luggage
3. Operating room use

Main Technical Parameters
Model WFB-X900 WFB-X1200
Max. Bag Making Width 900mm 1200mm
Bag Making Thickness Range 20-60g 20-60g
Max. Bag Making Length 999mm 999mm
Production Speed 20-60pcs/min 20-60pcs/min
Total Power 5kw 8kw
Machine Weight 1t 1.5t
Overall Dimensions 4500*1700*1600mm 4500*2400*1600mm
Finished Product
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