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Semi Automatic Non-woven T-shirt Bag Making Machine, WFB-P600

T-Shirt Bag Machine/ Carry-out Bag Machine/ Plastic Bag Machine

Main Introductions
This is our fully-automatic non-woven multi-function T-shirt bag making machine. The equipment can process PP non-woven fabric into t-shirt bags and other types with high efficiency and automatic punching on the line.

Type of bag
T-shirt bag, box bag, flat bag, D-cut bag, W-cut bag, vest bag, shoe bag, etc.

1. Ultrasonic device to seal bags in reliable quality
2. Computer control, automatic feeding, automatic counting, automatic stopping
3. Easy to operate
4. Photocell to track the color
5. Equipped with a servo motor
6. Equipped auto pneumatic punching device
7. Equipped with tension control device
8. Automatic punching

Non-woven roller - bag side folding - thermal bonding - hald folding - bottom sealing - thermal bonding - bag cutting - automatic punching - collection

Finished Product
Main Technical Parameters
Model WFB-P600 WFB-P700 WFB-P800
Max Bag Making Width 600mm 700mm 800mm
Bag Making Thickness 20-100g 20-100g 20-100g
Max Bag Making Length 700mm 700mm 700mm
Speed 40-90pcs/min 40-90pcs/min 40-90pcs/min
Total Power 8kw 8kw 8kw
Weight of Machine 2.5T 2.7T 2.9T
Overall Dimensions 7800*1700*2000mm 7800*1900*2000mm 7800*2100*2000mm

Q: How many types of automatic punching can the machine perform?
A: You can change the settings from U-cut, W-cut mold and any other type.

Q: What about packaging and delivery?
A: The machine will be delivered within 15 days after deposit receipt and it is packed in plastic film with a wooden foot packing.

Q: What’s the material thickness range?
A: The material thickness range is 20-120gsm.

Q: Are you a factory or trade company?
A: We are a factory & Trade company


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