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Fully Automatic Non-woven Bag Making Machine

Bag Machine/ Plastic Bag Maker/ Package Machine

Main Introductions
Our fully automatic non-woven bag making machine is the most complete, high-performance package production equipment. Based on early designs, the machine features an added automatic bonding handle that allows for manual and fully automated production of non-woven bags. Compared to similar equipment, our machine is more precise, produces less waste and operates much more quickly.

This machine is widely used in the production of non-woven handle bags, flat bags, box bags, T-shirt bags, organ bags gift bags, pillow bags, zipper bags, draw string bags, etc. The production of the various bag types can be changed by simply switching the loaded material. The bag maker is highly efficient and stable during operation. The microcomputer automation allows the machine to perform with incredible accuracy. The photoelectric tracking system facilitates automatic punching, counting, and stopping if the label is lost.

    1. Non-woven Bag Making Machine, WFB-KT This machine is our newest fully-automatic non-woven bag making machine. It uses environmentally-friendly non-woven fabrics as a raw material. The equipment features optical electrical and ultrasonic bonding technology to quickly and efficiently produce all of your packaging. The finished bags compared to common bags are more aesthetically pleasing and much stronger. They are widely used in clothing, footwear, and gift packaging bag production.
    1. Non-woven Bag Making Machine (for 6 Types of Bag with Handle), WFB-AT600 This fully automatic non-woven bag making machine is designed to produce 6 types of bags and features an automatic bonding handle. This highly automated machine is incredibly efficient, you can change the type of bag produced and size by simply switching materials. The equipment reduces waste and increases precision compared to similar products.
    1. Non-woven Box Type Bag with Handle Making Machine, WFB-BT600 This machine can make five kinds of bags and it is fully automatic. This equipment is commonly used in in the production of various types of non-woven handle bag, flat bag, box bag, T-shirt bag, organ bag, gift bag, pillow bag, drawstring bag, etc. The different bags can be produced by simply changing the input material. The automatic positioning and bonding handle offers extra high quality production capabilities.
    1. Non-woven Bag with Handle Making Machine, WFB-DT600 The machine is a fully automatic non-woven bag making machine. Different from traditional non-woven bag making machines, it not only can make the body of a bag, but also can make handles on the production line. The multifunctional machine can be used to produce D-cut bags, flat bags, handle bags, vest bags, draw string bags, shoe bags, etc. It can meet all of the various demands of the market.

Production Process
1. Automatic loading of non-woven fabric roller
2. Sealing side
3. Folding
4. Traction
5. Automatic making handle
6. Autoamtic fixing handle
7. Automatic tracking print
8. Ultrasonic sealing
9. Cold cutting

1. Laminated non-woven fabric. (PP non-woven fabric laminated with BOPP film. Before lamination, a rotogravure printing machine is used for printing the BOPP film)
2. PP non-woven fabric with printing

Whole Production Line
  • Non-woven fabric production line
  • Non-woven fabric roller
  • Non-woven fabric roller
  • Non-woven slitting machine--Different size roller
  • Non-woven slitting machine--Different size roller
  • Rotogravure printing machine
  • Lamination
  • Non-woven bag making machine
  • Finished bag
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