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Fully Automatic Non-woven Box Type Bag with Handle Making Machine, WFB-BT600

Plastic Bag Machine/ Bag Manufacturing Equipment/ Bag Maker

This machine can make five kinds of bags and it is fully automatic. This equipment is commonly used in in the production of various types of non-woven handle bag, flat bag, box bag, T-shirt bag, organ bag, gift bag, pillow bag, drawstring bag, etc. The different bags can be produced by simply changing the input material. The automatic positioning and bonding handle offers extra high quality production capabilities.

Applied Materials
This machine is suitable for BOPP woven fabric, regeneration non-woven and lamination non-woven fabric material.
The material thickness range: 20-120gsm.

Products Application
That product mainly used for food packaging, clothing packaging, shoe packaging, etc.

Finished Product
  • D-cut bag
  • Flat bag
  • Draw string bag
  • Box bag
  • Handle bag
  • Internal structure

1. It is a multi-function non woven bag making machine and can make five kinds of bags, such as flat bags, box bags, handle bags, shoe bags and D-cut bags.
2. It is a fully automatic non woven bag making machine. From the material to final bags, all processes are controlled by computer, including size, mouth of bag, etc.
3. It is an all in one non woven bag making machine. It can make the bag and handle loop at the same time.

Machine Produce Process
Raw material steel -- cut and weld -- paint -- assemble configuration -- connect wiring -- finish -- test

  • Bottom
  • Computer control
  • Conveyor
  • Fold it half
  • Handle machine
  • whole
Speed Data Compare
Shape Ours Others'
Flat bag 70 60
Box bag 55 50
Shoe bag 90 80
Handle bag 60 50

Bag Produce Process
1. The machine can make five kinds of bags. You only need to change the settings and the input material if necessary.
2. Printing on the material is to be performed prior to bag production.

For example:
(1) Box bag producing process:
Raw material roll(printing is outside) -- fold mouth of bag -- fold in half -- fold the bottom and seal -- make handle -- square punching bottom of bag -- ultrasonic seal side -- cut -- finish
(2) Flat bag producing process:
Raw material roll(printing is inside) -- fold mouth of bag -- fold in half -- make handle -- ultrasonic seal side -- cut -- finish
(3) We also provide a sllitting and rewinding machine for the handle.

Main Technical Parameters
Model WFB-BT600
Max. Bag Making Width 600mm
Bag Making Thickness Range 20-100g
Max. Bag Making Length 700mm
Production Speed 40-90pcs/min
Total Power 14kw
Machine Weight 3.2t
Overall Dimensions 11500*2000*2100mm

1. Voltage
Two phase 220V
Three phase 380V

2. Temperature
You must preheat the machine before starting the operation

3. Ultrasonic computer controller
Ult Power meter no more than 0%
Horn Match Meter no more than 5%

Q: How many people operate the machine?
A: One or two persons.

Q: Do I need any additional equipment?
A: You can buy a slitting and rewinding machine for the handle in order to increase efficiency.

Q: How long is the warranty period?
A: The guaranty period is one year after the installation and adjustment.

Q: Do you supply installation and training in my country?
A: Yes, we will arrange travel for our engineers to the buyer’s factory for machine installation and training. The buyer should pay the round-trip ticket cost, hotel, and food for our team. Usually this can be completed within a week. The buyer is also responsible for paying 80 USD/day salary to our engineer.

Q: If there is some problem with machine running, how long will it take to resolve?
A: We will reply to you within 24 hours and solve it within 48 hours.

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