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Fully Automatic Non-woven Bag Making Machine, WFB-KT

Plastic Bag Machine/ Non-Woven Bag Maker/ Bag Maker

Main Introductions
This machine is our newest fully-automatic non-woven bag making machine. It uses environmentally-friendly non-woven fabrics as a raw material. The equipment features optical electrical and ultrasonic bonding technology to quickly and efficiently produce all of your packaging. The finished bags compared to common bags are more aesthetically pleasing and much stronger. They are widely used in clothing, footwear, and gift packaging bag production.

Applied Materials
This machine is suitable for PP non-woven fabric, regeneration non-woven fabric and lamination non-woven fabric material.
Material thickness range: 20-120gsm.

Finished Product

What is the difference compared to other bag making machines?
1. The technology allows for the production of an entirely new type of bag that is more efficient to produce and environmentally friendly.
2. In general cases, non woven box bag made by machine need to be turned around. This machine skips that process. It is finished in one process with an automatic folding component.

Product Purpose
1. To protect the environment.
2. Reduce labor costs, higher precision, less waste and faster operation.

  • Control panel
  • Delivery
  • EPC
  • Finalize the design
  • Handle sealing
  • Material
Main Technical Parameters
Model WFB-KT
Size of Bag(L*W*H) 250*100*200mm--400*160*400mm
Material Thickness 80-130g
Max.Length of Handle loop 60mm
Production Speed 20-60pcs/min
Voltage 220v/380v
Total Power 28kw
Machine Weight 6.0t
Overall Demensions(L*W*H) 8000*2400*3000mm

Speed Comparison
Our speed is 60pcs/min.
Other's speed is 50 pcs/min.

Machine Produce Process
Raw material steel -- cut and weld -- paint -- assemble configuration -- connect wiring -- finish -- test

Main Configuration
1) Servo Motor: Japan Yaskawa
2) PLC: Japan Mitsubishi
3) Stepping Motor: SOYO stepping motor
4) Transducer/Sensor: Germany Omron
5) Computer control adjustable-speed
6) Air Cylinder: Taiwan AirTAC air cylinder
7) Ultrasonic: Taiwan special ultrasonic
8) Bearing: Japan NSK bearing
9) Touch screen: Taiwan Weinview
10) Thermometer
11) Electric Switch
12) Computer control system
13) Automatic tracking whole process
14) Use a dial indicator to locate the mold
15) Automatic load
16) Automatic tension
17) Handle loop corrector
18) Automatic neaten bags

Q: How many people operate the machine?
A: One or two persons required.

Q: How many years of warranty?
A: All of our products have a one year warranty. We have a professional after sales service team. When machine parts are damaged, we will exchange them for free within the one year warranty.

Q: Do you supply install and train in my country?
A: Yes, we will arrange travel for our engineers to the buyer’s factory for machine installation and training. The buyer should pay the round-trip ticket cost, hotel, and food for our team. Usually this can be completed within a week. The buyer is also responsible for paying 80 USD/day salary to our engineer.

Q: If there is some problem with machine running, how long can you solve it?
A: We will reply to you within 24 hours and solve it within 48 hours.

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